Classic Car Insurance

Classic Car Insurance

Enjoy the ride with more savings.

Insurance premiums for classic cars are generally 20-30% lower than standard auto policies, making it a great purchase for those looking to save more. We are happy to assist you with protecting your collectible from the unexpected.

Save more and protect your classic car with low-cost coverages.

Classic car requirements

Age and Historic Value

Major factors for classic car eligibility. If your car has historic interest and is greater than 20 years old, then it is likely eligible for our insurance.

Safe Storage

Keep it in a private and enclosed building. In order to qualify for insurance, your car must be properly stored in a private space ideally inside a building. There may be some exceptions like driveways or carports.


 Your car must be restored, maintained, and ideally in its original condition. If the car is undergoing restoration, it may be accepted. Insurance may be declined if the car is damaged. Modified vehicles have certain requirements that you should discuss with Anatriello Agency.


Limited Use

Not your everyday car. If your car is driven daily then it must be insured on a standard plan. Classic car insurance is discounted as you’re required to drive under a lower amount of miles per year in order to be covered.

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